Hello, World!

Who am I?

I am an IT professional currently working as a Network Engineer for a large, well known electronics company. I have just under three years of professional experience in IT support, development, and network administration & engineering.

I owe my passion for technology to the time I started building websites. As a kid, I discovered that I could learn this fancy language called HTML to create web pages that looked and felt exactly how I wanted. I found a way to apply that fascination by creating a website that hosted flash games for my friends and classmates to enjoy during computer class. From there, I quickly pivoted into liking other areas of technology and have since focused my education and personal development around technology.

While working to obtain my BS Degree in Information Technology, I was opened up to the world of networking. My university was part of Cisco’s Networking Academy, where I learned about foundational networking skills, as well as the Cisco certification tracks. I discovered I had a huge interest in networking, which led me to pursue the CCNA. I was one of only a few students who obtained a CCNA before graduating. From there, I’ve continued to learn more about networking in my career, and I have grown an interest in network automation and programmability that led me to obtain my most recent certification- the DevNet Associate certification. 

What is this blog all about?

I created this blog as a place to document my experiences, write about things I’m learning, and publish free content for people looking to get into an IT career. While I may post some content on advanced topics, most of the posts on this blog will be centered around being beginner-friendly. I have big plans for this blog, and I hope you find my content useful!

Connect with Me

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